Encourage repeat business through the integration of a booking system, or simple ordering system.  43%* of online purchases are made on a smartphone (*  An app makes the process easy and user friendly.  Watch our short video on the ordering process here.


Keep in touch via sending instant popup messages.  Send appointment reminders, promote offers.  Send to individuals, a specific group of customers or all app users!


With GEO fenced (location based) targeted messaging, send automatic messages to customers that are close to your business.  Don't loose them to a competitor!


Share documents and vouchers with your customers, or employees (if this is for an in-house app for your business).


Embed your blog or social media pages to keep customers up to date.


Scrap those paper stamp cards and promote brand loyalty with a digital loyalty stamp scheme.


Create vouchers, coupons, add a loyalty "point" incentive too.

force 4 computing ltd mobile apps examples
mobile app features


The Basics

lbranding of mobile apps, logo, colour scheme


We will design and brand your App to perfectly match your business, using your colour scheme, company logo, cover image and add buttons for one touch calling, directions and more.

business contact infomation in your app, call, email, find, directions


Provide easy access to all your contact information and allow users to easily call, email, find directions, visit your website or share your app with one click.

location infomation in mobile app with directions with google maps


The Directions Tab allows you to give your customers directions to your business location directly from the app using Google Maps


woo, shopify, magento, etsy, amazon in your own business app, e-commerce


Provide full m-commerce shopping for your app users. Add unlimited products, categorised by department and brand, with full images, pricing and descriptions.

force 4 computing ltd mobile apps examples
create a digital loyalty stamp reward scheme
woo commerce in your mobile app
shopify in your mobile app
magento in your mobile app
etsy in your mobile app
amazon in your mobile app

Woo Commerce  |  Shopify  |  Magento  |  Etsy  |  Amazon

Maximise your sales, allowing customers to buy directly from your store within the app. Connect your account for a simple and fast way to browse your store.

bookings in your mobile app


If you use an online service to take bookings for your business, connect it with your app to streamline your mobile experience.  Add a bespoke script, click here for an idea of what we can offer.

event bookings , list or calendar style in your mobile app

Event Bookings

Create bookable free or paid events in your app that can be viewed in a list or calendar style. Events can be one-off or recurring, with limited spaces and more.

loyalty points in your mobile app, digital reward scheme

Loyalty Points

Allow customers to earn points by scanning a QR code or checking into a location. Points can be redeemed against custom offers.

loyalty stamp card, digital reward scheme

Loyalty Card

Create stamp cards which can be stamped by a member of staff using a code. Offer exclusive deals and incentivise repeat business.  Watch our short video demo here.

loyalty vouchers, digital reward scheme

Loyalty Vouchers

Create time-sensitive offers, money off discounts and custom deals that can be redeemed using a unique code by a member of staff.  Watch our short video demo here.

food ordering within your mobile app, menus, payment

Food Ordering

Allow customers to view your full menu, add items to a basket, earn loyalty and place orders. Orders can be relayed to a receipt printer.  Accept in-app payment for orders via PayPal, and/or Cash on Delivery.  Watch our explanatory video here.

User Interaction

appointment reminder messages for bookings through push notifcations, text message or email
push messages in your mobile app, appointment reminders, attachments, PDF, document, images


Communicate with your app customers, sending private instant push messages such as appointment reminders.  Use attachments such as PDF documents and images. Engage customer's by using their GEO location.  Read more.

Create Tags against your customers to group them into different categories depending on their

push messages in your mobile app, appointment reminders, attachments, PDF, document, images

needs, this is extremely useful for sending out user-specific notifications and keeping your announcements relevant.  Watch our short video demo here.

insert or create a bespoke form to collect data, appointment requests, registration, feedback


Create custom forms to capture information from app users such as forms for appointment requests, member registration, feedback and more.

create map and listings of your business locations with contact details and directions

GEO Listings

Feature content such as properties, vehicles, or businesses, in a defined category structure. GEO tagged listings allow app users to find nearby matches.

embed your facebook events in your mobile app for user interaction, accept inviitations

Facebook Events

Display your Facebook events in one easy to access tab within your app so your customers never miss out on upcoming events

embed your calendars, appointedd, calendly, google calendar in your mobile app


Connect your Appointedd or Calendly account to offer a simple way for customers and clients to schedule appointments.


Create bookable appointments and connect your shareable Google calendar for a simple way to allow customers to book a time with you from your app.

embed your calendars appointedd in your mobile app
embed your calendar calendly in your mobile app

Appointedd  |  Calendly  |  Google Calendar

customers can book through your app and open table

Open Table

Makes booking a table even easier. Connect your Open Table account to let customers book with just a few taps from their phone.

add a quiz / questionnaire to your mobile app


Great for revision guides and fun. Create your own timed, multiple choice questionnaire and allow users to view the history of quizzes taken.


insert a gallery of images into your mobile app


Add Image galleries to your app. Create as many galleries as you need, each gallery will have its own tab, name, and icon within your app.

embed your gallery of images from flickr into your mobile app
embed your images from instagram into your mobile app

Flickr  |  Instagram

Share your Instagram or Flickr photo stream from a single tab within your app for a distraction-free way to promote your brand.

embed facebook, twitter, blog, pinterest, instagram into business mobile app

Video Directory

If you have great video content, the Video Directory allows you to upload and categorise your videos so app users can search for them easily.

Audio Streaming

Stream audio in your app, giving users control to listen whilst using your app. e.g. perfect if you have a radio stream, podcast, or another audio stream.


Integrate SoundCloud's powerful audio player into your app and stream audio directly from your app for more control.

Social Media Feeds

Connect your social media page and allow users to view your page posts and easily share content.

Facebook  |  Twitter |  Pinterest

RSS Feeds

If you have a blog you can add the RSS Feed Tab to dynamically link in your latest posts direct into your app.


Add your Tumblr feed to your app for a simple way to keep your community connected to your online blog.


Upload and display content from a PDF document within your app.

Download our features document in PDF format:

please select which category suits your business the best:


Pub  |  Cafe  |  Fitness  |  Medical  |  Salon


loyalty schemes in mobile app, stamp card, push message, vouchers

“Before meeting Mike, I was very sceptical about going down the App route with our business. With a quick demonstration, my mind was changed immediately. The App that Force 4 have created is extremely user friendly, clear and reliable  ...


Mike has offered us an extremely good service throughout the project, responding quickly to emails and answering any queries, explains all the computer jargon in plain English and gave me an in depth look at the back office and how to edit and change the information myself, a great bonus if like us you need to change anything quickly.  Pleasure working with you Mike"


Casey Stoddart

Burns the Bread

geo fencing explained mobile app
mobile app example by force 4 computing ltd, F4 salon
please get in contact with Mike Hannay at force 4 computing if you have any questions regarding our mobile app service, 07866 730332

What's the process?

It's really very simple.  We find out how you want to use the app, collect information from you and then build it!

force 4 computing ltd the process for our mobile app creation, demo to live

Join us! As soon as we get your go ahead, we start the process.  instruct us here.

Our excellent designers will build a great online demonstration of your app, so you can see exactly what it'll look like

Approve the demonstration or send your feedback

If you provide feedback our designers work with you until you are 100% delighted with your app

Your app is submitted to the Apple and Android app stores

Approval can take up to 10 days

Your app goes live!

We provide you with full training on how to use your online consol to manage your app

You receive a promotional page with links to download/share your app along with your QR codes. Then promote your app and grow your business!

We are here to help you... should you need us

You must create an Apple Developer account for your business, instructions can be found here

cost of our mobile app service find out more call us mobile app service yatton, north somerset, bristol

How will I measure the effectiveness of my app?

Once your mobile app is live, you will be  given access to your own online app control panel, enabling in-house management of core app features.


You will be able to view, compare and interact with analytics based on your apps performance.  Once historical data has been collected, you can view various charts with a start and end date you define.

Advanced Analytics

You will find all the information you need when it comes to reading the statistics and analytical data produced by your app.


The Comparison section is a breakdown of downloads, opens, users, actions and revenue which can be filtered by date. It's the dashboard of choice when you want to view how your app in performing.

App Downloads

As the title suggests, this section is all about how many downloads your app has accrued. Unlike the data shown to you in the Comparison section, this section also shows you the geographical location of your downloads across the globe. This data however is only available on apps which run on iOS.


The Reporting section contains all of your form submissions and orders. The information relayed to you allows you to keep track of your app performance, displayed in a handy graph format.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is software developed by Google that businesses can use for free in order to monitor their website/mobile app traffic and obtain other forms of data such as session analysis. In regards to your app, you can monitor where your users are coming from geographically, sessions by device e.g. Android, iOS etc as well as daily, weekly and monthly data regarding your active user base, just to name a few.

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